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What is AWADAO!?

AWADAO! is primarily an application dedicated to people with disabilities, but also very handy for everyone.

The Smartphone becomes an assistant for disabled users.
AWADAO! is a mobile application accessible to everyone.

Wherever you are, find accessible places and services!

Verbatim transcript of the promotional video

Verbatim transcript of the promotional video

We see a person in a wheelchair in front of a building, surrounded by people walking, some with phones, others without phones. All this evokes mobility.

Next appears a smartphone with the logo AWADAO!, accompanied by the words: With AWADAO! the smartphone becomes a tool of assistance to persons with disabilities.

We next pass to the series of steps that unfold in the application: find an accessible place nearby using a map and points of interest or search for an accesible location by first selecting a country then a city and finally a category to see the details of the area in question.

Finally, again on a smartphone, the meaning of AWADAO! is presented: Any Where! Any Device! Any One!.

It's an innovative application, where the information comes directly from the structure (borough, company, institution) providing the service.
Subscribers of the AWADAO solution undertake to include only those places deemed accessible to all under current legislation.